Milani Luminoso Baked Blush

There are a few blushes that have been majorly hyped up over the past couple of years. I'm talking about blushes like Nars Orgasm or the one I'm writing about today, the infamous Milani Luminoso. I've discovered this blush through NikkieTutorials and Jaclyn Hill but I never bought it because Milani isn't sold here in the Netherlands. Luckily American beauty products have been popping up on websites that ship to the Netherlands and when I was ordering my Z-palette, I saw that the webshop were I bought it, sold Milani as well. That's when I ordered this hyped up blush to see whether it was just as good as everybody says.

Luminoso is a gorgeous coral-toned with golden glittery blush. When swirling my finger in there it feels very soft, not chalky at all. And this is how the blush looks on my cheeks. One thing to keep in mind if you want to buy this is that it's very peachy, almost orange even. Personally I wear pink toned blushes way more often than coral tones and even though this is beautiful, I really have to apply makeup with this blush in mind. A pink lipstick won't work with this and that's the shade I grab for the most. I still love it though, with nude shades and a natural eyelook this looks great.

I ordered the Milani Luminoso Baked Blush at Boozyshop, but if you live in America you can just buy the blush at the drugstore. I payed €10,99.


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