Douglas Mattism Matte Lipstick

A while ago I was at a Dutch store called Douglas to buy a gift for Mothers day. Obviously I couldn't not check out the makeup section and I stumbled about Douglas' own brand. I never payed much attention to their brand but for some reason I walked towards it and looked at the products. The first thing I noticed was the price point, which was quite high for a brand I would consider drugstore. The second thing I saw was this lipstick.

This is the Douglas Mattism Matte Lipstick. I hadn't seen it on any blog yet so I was skeptical when I swatched it. The fact that your reading this review should say enough, I liked the swatch a lot and obviously bought it. I got the shade 02 Romantic Smile but there are six shades in total, ranging from nudes to a purpley shade. I swatched them all and all the shades looked great, I went for a nude because I didn't have a nude liquid lipstick yet and it was the safest option. A nude usually looks great but darker shades a little bit harder to get right. One thing I hate about this lipstick is the packaging, it has a velvet lid. This sounds and looks cool but it collects dust like no other and that doesn't look great. Also it gives me chills when I open the product, something about the velvet just isn't working for me. It looks unique and cool but it's not for me. The brush is also a different from everything I've ever seen before. It has a slight curve and I think Douglas did this to mimic the shade of a lip but I don't really notice a difference in how it applies compared to other dofer applicators. I bloody love this colour. It's a very pretty nude that will look good on a lot of people I think. The shade is a bit brownish but it's not a nineties brown. Just right. Texture wise I also really like it, it's very soft and creamy, almost like a mousse and dries down to a very comfortable layer on my lips. I can feel it for a long time and it fades away very nicely. The actual colour lasts a few hours so it's not one of those liquid lipsticks you'll only have apply ones. I don't mind this, it still last longer than most of my normal lipsticks and because the colour is very nude and natural, you won't see if the colours starts to fade. Also you can reapply this lipstick, you won't have to remove it completely but can just go on top of the products that's already on your lips. I'm so happy I decided to buy this because it's amazing. The colour is great and the formula is really good as well. It's sad that the price is kind of high because I really want to try out the other shades. I think I'm still going to purchase them at some point when there is a sale but for now I won't and wear the shit out of this one.

You can buy the Douglas Mattism Matte Lipsticks for €9,95 at Douglas.


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