NOTD: Essence Colour & Care

Today's post is one of those were I show my nails, a NOTD. Lately I've been only wearing Essie nail polishes because those just last the best on my nails but when I saw this one in my Instagram feed I had to pick it up. This is an Essence polish from the new Colour&Care line. I got a pale pink/purple shade called '03 Happy Nails'.

Normally polishes that are very light like this one, don't have great coverage, usually it's impossible to get them opaque. This one is different because it's completely opaque in two coats, I do recommend applying a third layer to get rid of the streaks. On the photo I'm wearing two coats and if you look closely you can see that it's a little bit streaky. When I removed it a dew days later and applied again I did three coats and the streaks had disappeared. This nail polishes lasts two days without chipping on my nails which doesn't seem long but for me it is. The only polishes that last longer are the ones by Essie and those only last four days one me. I guess it's my nails that's the problem.

Well, apart from the fact that should have lasted longer, I love this polish. I never thought I was one for almost white nails but I'm loving it at the moment, perfect for spring. Also let's touch on the caring front real quick. I don't notice any strengthening things after wearing this but I did notice my nails weren't yellow. Normally when I wear polish for a week (yes I let it chip horrible), my nails are a bit yellow but that's wasn't the case at all. That's all I have to say about this polish. Great colour and great formula, so if you're into shades like this and looking for a budget one, go pick this one up.

You can buy the Essence Colour & Care Nailpolish for €1,99 and there are five shades available Love,

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