Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

In today's post I'm showing you a much raved about lip product that I have been wanting for a long time, the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I got mine in the shade 04 Petal Shimmer, a shimmery light pink shade. Like I said, I've had my eye on these for quite a while now but I never bought them because Catrice has a dupe in their assortment, the Beautifying Lip Smoothers. I own two of those and I use them regularly because they're really good. Still I always kept longing for the Clarins one, I know that sounds dramatic but it's the truth. A Dutch store called Douglas regularly has coupons which give you 25% off of lipstick or gloss and since I wanted to order a Lancôme Juicy Shaker I thought why not, and ordered the real deal.
The packaging is exactly the same as the Catrice. A tube with a spongy applicator out of which comes product if you squeeze the tube. The only difference is that you get a little bit more product in the Clarings one. That one has 12 ml and the Catrice ones only 9ml.
This product is intended as a sheer lipgloss with just a hit of colour so I did not expect a shit load of pigment in there. Petal Shimmer is just a really pretty light baby pink with a subtle shimmer. On the photo that sheen isn't visible but in real life it's really pretty I promise. That's also the one of the differences if i compare it to the Catrice ones. Those don't have a shimmer or sheen, they're just glossy. Texturewise they don't feel any different, the Clarins is less sticky but then again, the Catrice ones aren't thàt sticky. A major difference is the scent. The Catrice ones don't really smell like anything, if I really put my nose in there they just smell plasticy. The one by Clarins has a delicious vanilla scent to it which I love even though I'm not a vanilla fan. The different thing I noticed was the longevity. The Catrice ones fade a little bit earlier. When I'm wearing Petal Shimmer, I can feel the balm on my lips for a long time whereas that's not the case with the ones by Catrice.

So which is my favourite you may ask? Well, I have to say Clarins. That one just feels better, smells better and it lasts longer. Even though you pay a little bit more, I do think it's worth it. The Catrice ones costs €3,59 and the Clarins €17,95 which is quite expensive for a gloss. But still I'd get the Clarins one over the Catrice one, but they're both good and if you have a little bit less to spend the Catrice is a good option too.


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