Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette

Today I'm showing you one of the products I hauled a while back. This little palette was part of the new products Catrice launched back in February. I'm talking about the Blush Artist Shading Palette which is available in three shades, a bronze version, coral version and the pink version I bought. In the palette you'll find three shades. The palettes are called the blush palettes but depending on the palette, there are also shades in there that you can use as bronzer or highlighter. The bronze one has a bronzer, blush and highlighter while the pink one I have only has blushes and a highlighter. At the end of this post I've linked to some reviews by other bloggers of the other shades.

I have the pink palette which is called '030 Rock'n'Rose, it features two gorgeous pink blushes and a pink highlighter. The first thing I noticed is that the pans are quite small. I've I compare it to my single blushes which are almost twice as big. This does make this palette great for traveling but dipping you brush into the blush isn't as easy. If you swirl it around you'll quickly touch the other shades.
The shades aren't incredible pigmented but that's not a problem, I prefer less pigmented blushes because they're easier to apply. It prevent a clown-like face. I did notice the powders are quite dry and they don't feel very soft when I touch them. This doesn't cause a problem when applying them, they blend out nicely and look like a pink blush should look. The pink highlighter is very pink but on top of my cheekbones it looks great. I wasn't expecting it but if been using it a lot when wearing pink blushes, it's the perfect complementary highlight that works great on my skin tone.

I'm a fan of this palette, great to take with you when traveling because there's blush and highlighter together so you save space but it's also just a gorgeous palette. If you're into pink blush I would highly recommend it because it's a real stunner.

You can buy the Catrice Blush Artist Shading Palette in the shade '030 Rock'n'Roses for €4,59 at the drugstore.
Other available shades:
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