BHcosmetics 18 color eyeshadow and lipstick palette

This is the 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette by Shaaanxo for BHcosmetics. When I first saw swatches of this palette I knew I was going to buy it and last week it finally arrived. It's a very pretty looking pink palette with a bokeh effect. The palette is dual sided which is quite genius, by dividing the palette you won't have any eyeshadow mixing with the lipsticks.

This is the side with the eyeshadows, 9 in total. There are three matte shades in here,five metallic/shimmery shades and one dark shade with a glitter. I think the colour selection is great. I think some of the colours are quit unique, I mean I don't any other orange eyeshadows. The colours are neutral but not basic. And this is how the lipstick side looks. Nine shades, neutral and bright shades. I like the idea of incorporating lipsticks into a palette but I don't think it's very convenient. You cannot easily take this whole palette with you so you cannot reapply your lipsticks when you're on the go. Especially with creamy colours like this, that will probably fade quit quickly, I'll want to reapply after a few hours and I don's see myself taking this whole palette with me in my bag. The swatches of these shadows look gorgeous and the texture is nice and buttery. The shades from left to right:
 - Matt cream shade
 - Shimmery light champagne shade
 - Rosegold champagne shade
 - Warm neutral tangerine shade
 - Shimmery bronze shade
 - Warm brick orangy brown shade
 - Shimmery silvery taupe shade
 - Duo-chrome taupe / greenish shade
 - Dark grey with shimmers but it looks matt
And then we have the lip colours. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation. Apart from the last two shades, those are a bit patchy on my arm swatches.
 - pink
 - bright coral
 - orangy red
 - medium pink nude
 - purply pink
 - hot pink
 - light rosy nude
 - cherry red
 - dark brick red
This is a look I created using this palette, inspired by the look Sharon Farrellmade with it. First I applied the cream matt shade as a base all over my lid. Then I applied the rosy shade on my mobile lid. I started building depth in the crease with the tangerine shade which worked better than I had expected. I was quite scared of this shade but it worked out beautifully. On top of that tangerine shade I applied the brick red, focusing on my outer v. Then I build a little wing-like shape into the look with the dark grey shade. I intensified the rosy colour and applied it to my lower lashline as well. And after a lot of blending I got this look. To finish it all off I highlighted with the champagne shade. I even used it as a cheek highlight and I love it! A pretty slightly smokey look that's not too heavy to wear during the day. On my lips I'm wearing the medium pink nude which pairs very nicely with this eyelook. I ordered this palette shortly after I bought the MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette (which still hasn't arrived) and I was scared it would be similar. At the moment I have no idea if that's the case but I do know I love this one. Especially the eyeshadows are amazing. I've been combining different shades and I've been loving every single look. This is an amazing palette and it's super affordable as well, great value for money.

You can buy the Shaaanxo - 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette for $14.50.

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