Preview: Essence Lights Of Orient

I haven't done a preview post in a long time because no collection has made me really enthusiastic. This new collection by Essence that will be in stores during May and June (in the Netherlands) is something else though, gorgeous oriental inspired makeup that looks gorgeous in the press release. The images you see in this post are from the blog byaranka. Travel to the world of 1001 Arabian Nights with the new trend edition by Essence. It's all about eastern culture, the souks, silent desserts, fairytale like bedouin tents and the rhythm of gorgeous belly dancers.
Light of Orient Eyeshadow Palette - € 4,59 
Light and shadow! With this eyeshadowpalette with six warm shades, you can create a subtle or intense nude look. A small duo-applicator, mirror and decorative design make this palette a real must have. Available in the shade 'We ♥ Arabian Nights'.
Lights of Orient Blush - € 3,39 
This two coloured blush with a soft texture and a subtle shimmer gives a fresh look to you face. Available in the shade 'Princess Jasmines Choice'.
Lights of Orient Bronzer - € 3,39 
Vibrant sun! This bronzer with arabian pattern combines a matte powder with a sparkling golden shade in the shape of a sun. Available in the shades 'Sunkissed Beauty' and 'Oriental Beauty'.
Lights of Orient Highlighter Stick – € 3,99 
Golden glow. With this creamy jumbo stick with gold pigments you can create a sparkling highlight. Thanks to the convenient stick it's easy to apply, perfect for the trendy 'strobing' trend. Available in the shade 'Golden Gate To Orient'.
Lights of Orient Matt Lipstick – € 2,59 
Arabian nights. Daring red shades like trendy oxblood, intense purple and warm rosewood. With their matte finish the lipsticks add a real glamfactor to your lips. The packaging has a slender and elegant shape. Available in the shades 'Belly Dancing Queen', 'Princess Jasmines Choice' and 'The Sultan’s Daughter'.
Lights of Orient Magic Eyeliner Pen – € 2,49 
Mystic eyes! Especially for oriental cat eyes but also perfect to draw on a classic eyeliner or a smokey eye. The round conical felt tip is perfect to create any type of eyeliner look. Available in the shade 'Aladdin Loves Cat Eyes'.
Lights of Orient Eyebrow Shaper – € 2,39 
With this smart eyebrow pen in a light or dark brown you can create perfectly defined brows. With a little sharpener for a sharp point and a sponge to blend. Available in the shades 'Sunkissed Beauty' and 'Oriental Beauty'.
Lights of Orient Nail Polish – € 1,99 
The colours of the orient. Gold and purple with metallic effects, rosewood and oxblood with a creamy finish. These complementing colours will give your nails stunning colours and longlasting finish. Available in the shades 'Golden Gate To Orient', 'The Sultan’s Daughter', 'Princess Jasmines Choice' and 'Belly Dancing Queen'.
Lights of Orient Body & Cuticle Tattoos - € 2,99 
Body art. Golden and turquoise tattoos in elegant design create a wow-effect. Available in 'Magic Carpet Ride'. Three sheets with 56 tattoos in total.
Lights of Orient Body Splash – € 2,99 
Warm Freshness! This light body splash with summery, floral scent gives you a fresh boost on hot days. Available in 'Genie a Bottle'.
Lights of Orient Blush Brush – € 2,99
Artifact. The special shape of this brush makes it easy to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. A gold handle with beautiful ornaments make this brush a real stunner. Available in 'A Whole New World'.
Wow I truly think this collection is gorgeous! The eyeshadow palette, the blush, the highlight stick, the lipsticks, the brush, it's all on my wishlist. The tattoos and body splash aren't really my think but the rest is stunning. Of course I'll have to swatch things before I actually buy them but from the look of things I'm going to pick up the majority of this collection. I cannot wait!

The Essence Lights of Orient collection will be available from mid-May to mid-June (at Kruidvat and Trekpleister in the Netherlands)


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