H&M Gel Eyeliner and Gossamer Lip Stain

A while ago I decided to pop into H&M to get a belt and of course I couldn't not take a quick browse through the beauty section. I didn't notice any new products but I did pick up two things I wasn't familiar with. The first product is a gel eyeliner, I've been wanting to buy one these for a while now sine I'm a little bit tired with those eyeliner pens that dry out within a month. This one I hadn't heard anything about but I thought, why not?  There are multiple shades but I got the basic black one in the shade Pitch Black. The other product I bought is a weird lip product that reminds me a little bit of the Bourjois Aqua Laque formula. I swatched all shades and eventually bought a brownish shade called Storyteller. Here I'm wearing both products, the eyeliner went on smoothly and is super black and the lip stain has a very pretty sheer colour. The eyeliner looks great and does last quit good, at the end of the day I do have a little bit black residue in my crease but not anything that's really noticeable. This formula is very creamy and on my eyelids is lasts pretty good. I didn't have high expectation but I was pleasantly surprised with this gel eyeliner. I did have hopes for the lip stain but it's a little bit disappointing. The colour is very pretty but it doesn't last that long. After approximately three hours there isn't any product or colour left on my lips. Apart from that I'm a fan, I like the taste, the colour and the formula feels very nice on the lips. The photo doesn't do it justice because I had very chapped lips but on nicely moisturized lips this nude Gosssamer Lip Stain looks really pretty.

You can buy the H&M Geleyeliner in Pitch Black for €7,99 and the Gossamer Lip Stain in Storyteller costs €7,99 as well.


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