Etos Anti Dullness Primer

I was always on the fence about primer, I never understood why you would go through the hassle of applying an extra product underneath your foundation. Any extra step that can be avoided is a good thing I thought. Well, well, I was wrong. Lately I had some problems with dry patched on my face and I didn't know how to get rid of them. I was moisturizing like crazy and I tried a lot of different foundations. I hadn't think of trying a primer until I stood in front of the Etos makeup counter. I think Etos is a Dutch brand so I'm sorry for all of you who don't live here. Etos recently redid all of there makeup and among the new products are a few different primers. I went for the anti dullness one because that was the one appealed to me the most.

This purple primer is supposed to neutralize a dull complexion and make your skin incredibly smooth. Obviously this is just the packaging talking but I do most certainly notice a difference when I use it. My skin feels very smooth and the foundation applies nicer on the places where I applied the primer. Apart from that I don't notice a big difference, I don't think the primer makes me look less dull or livens up my complexion and I my foundation or what I put on top of it doesn't last longer in my opinion. But then again, making you makeup last longer is not something this primer promises.

I've been using the primer for the past couple of weeks now and I'm very happy with it. It doesn't make me look more awake but it does make my foundation go on perfect and makes my skin super smooth.

You can buy the Etos Anti Dullness Primer for €5,99 at Etos.

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