My Two Winter Essentials

In today's post I wanted to share my two winter essentials with you, my favourites within those essentials to be exact. My first essential is something everybody needs and uses, lip balm. During winter I cannot live without lip balm, my lips get dry af and no lipsticks looks good when applied over chapped lips. I have four lip balm that I absolutely adore and funny enough, most of my favourites come in little jars. Lip balms in pots are usually more moisturizing then the ones in stick-form in my opinion. The downside is that you have to get your finger in it which is not the most hygienic way. Therefore I usually use these in the afternoon just before I go to bed, when my hands are clean after washing my face. My three favourites are the Nivea Lip Butter in Coconut, The Body Shop Lip Butter in Blueberry and the Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm. These three are incredibly moisturizing and  funny enough they range in price. The Nivea one is really affordable and the Lush one is a little bit more expensive. Taste wise the one Lush Lip Butter is the best, though you would like to know. My favourite lip balm in stick-form is one from Vichy. I've been raving about this one for years and it's still amazing. A very neutral lip balm that works great.
My second essential is hand cream. Unfortunately I don't have my favourite right now because I just finished it. I'm talking about the Soap & Glory Hand Food which is an amazing cream that makes my hands super soft. On the photo you van see the two I'm using right now both I don't love either of them. I can't stand the scent of the one by Weleda and the other one I got in a gift set and stay sticky for a long time. I'm going to pick up the Soap & Glory one at the end of the month (when I have money again haha).


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