Two pink Maybelline products

Just before Christmas I went to Düsseldorf for the famous Christmas markets but obviously I had to dive into a DM as well, that's a German drugstore for those of you that don't know. Brands like L'Oréal and Maybelline are a lot cheaper there then here in the Netherlands. I eventually bought two Maybelline products, a blush and a lipstick. I haven't seen the blush here in stores yet but the lipstick is available in the Netherlands. This is the Maybelline Facestudio blush in the shade 60 Cosmopolitan. Just like a lot of maybelline products (not all though) it comes in black packaging but the thing that attracted me to this one was the way you open it. You have to slide the lid open and for some reason I really like that. It's probably not very convenient and will break easily but for now a smile comes to my face when I open it.  The color is pink, just the way I like my blush. It's coral/pink shade with a very subtle shimmer that gives you nice glowy cheeks. The lipstick I bought is one of the matte Colorsensational ones. I already own two of these lipsticks and even though I don't grab them often, the quality is great. This one is in the shade 960 Red Sunset and it's a bit of a chameleon, it's pink but sometimes is look more reddish that I expected. A really pretty shade that right up my street. Here I'm wearing both the blush and the lipstick and I love them both. The lipstick is a great every pink and even though it has a matte formula, the texture is really creamy and moisturizing. The blush is really pretty as well, the pink shade is a great everyday shade and makes me look a lot less miserable. Two really great products.

You can buy the Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick for €8,99 and the Facestudio blush for €9,99.

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