January Drugstore Haul

I went to the drugstore to buy two things, an eyebrow gel and a limited edition lip oil from Essence. As always I ended up getting way more then I was planning on. I ended up buying six products.

  • Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow 010 Vanillaty Fair €3,99 €1,99
  • Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow 070 Princess Mattleine €3,99 €1,99
  • Catrice Treasure Trove Precious Lip Colour C03 Treasured Twinkles (LE) €3,99
  • Catrice Ultimate Stay Lip Colour 080 PassionRed €4,99
  • Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara €1,99
  • Essence Winter? Wonderful! Tint & Oil for Lips 02 I'd Sent You a Blizzard (LE) €2,99
The two eyeshadows are going to be discontinued so I got them with 50% off and Catrice was also on sale (2 for 6) so I just had to get two products. The lip oil is missing in the picture above because I completely forgot to get it when I was taking photos.
As you can see, the swatches are amazing. When I came home I realized that the two lipsticks I got are very similar. The one on the left is the limited edition one that comes in gorgeous packaging, gold with little embossed stars. The other one is a lipstick from the ultimate stay line, I love those lipstick and when I could get one cheaper I didn't hesitate to drop it into my basket. In contrast to the other lipstick, this one is matte and has a little bit more brown in it.
The two eyeshadows are from the Velvet Matte line that is on sale right now because it's being discontinued. I bought a backup for one of my favourite shadows 070 Princess Mattleine and a highlight that I've heard a lot of good things about. 010 Vanillaty Fair is a gorgeous matt highlighter that will hopefully look great onto my brow bone.
And then the product I actually went to the drugstore for. This is a lip oil by Essence. I've been wanting to try out a lip oil for a while but I didn't feel like splurging on the YSL one. I've worn this Essence one a few times now and I love it, it goes on clear and then turns into a pretty pink shade.Perfect to wear everyday and it's very hydrating as well. The eyebrow gel is the one I always go for, it's cheapest one I can easily get a hold on here in the Netherlands and it does the job. I feel like this was a very good trip to the drugstore, I didn't spend too much and the products I got are all amazing.


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