Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder 01 Mysterious Pink

Kiko's christmas collection is real stunner, it's called Cosmic Starlets. A collection inspired by four different types of women, free to express their own femininity in unique, unexpected ways: The Temptress, The Romantic, The Free Spirit and The Innocent. Four splendid, distinct beauties, proud of who they are and experts at bringing to the fore their unique qualities depending on their moods and desires. There are a lot of products in this collection and there are quit a lot of gift sets available. Normally I'm super enthusiastic about Christmas collections but this one isn't really my cup of tea. The packaging isn't really my taste and the products aren't really things I'd buy. There was however one product I couldn't leave behind, the Moon Dust Face Powder in the shade Mysterious Pink.
I don't like the packaging, but my camera doesn't either, it's not very photogenic.The red packaging looks quite pretty but the because of the mirrored inside this doesn't photograph well at all. This was the only angle that looked quit right, but I don't like the photo at all. It's looks weird but believe me, the blush inside is gorgeous.
The actual blush is a gorgeous baked pink number with gold shimmers running though it. When I swatched it at the store I was afraid it would just be an overspray but so far it looks like the shimmer is running all through.
This powder will give you a gorgeous pink glow and combined with a highlighter, no words. Just perfection. This blush has become my daily blush as of lately and I think this will become a huge favourite of which I'm really sad that it was limited.

You can buy the Kiko Moon Dust Face Powder for €13,90.

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