Kiko Cream Radiance Highlighter

Highlighter has quickly grown on me and nowadays I cannot do my makeup without applying some. My favourite is Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm and so far, nothing I've swatches in the store has been good enough for me to actually purchase. A while back I saw that Kiko brought out a new limited edition called Midnight Siren, it looked gorgeous but none of the products really appealed to me, except the highlighter. There are two highlighters in this collection but I bought the more champagne shade called Twilight Gold. This cream highlighter comes in a little black ball with a mirror in the lid. Not the most convenient packaging but I love that Kiko tries to do something different and it looks quite cool. The little mirror inside is a bit unnecessary but I know a lot of people want products to have mirror in it. I personally never use them. I do love the story behind this packaging, it's inspired by a Tahitian pearl that reflects shimmering light. Really suitable for highlighter packaging. Look at this beauty! I've never tried a cream highlighter before but this is really nice. According to Kiko this is a creamy highlighter with a supple feel that bathes the skin in light and looking at this swatch, I completely understand that point of view. The cream is supposed to transform into a powder ones applied to the skin but that I don't really see. The cream just becomes a cream that's a bit less creamy if you know what I mean.

I haven't been using this as much as I should because it's a gorgeous highlighter. It's just that using a cream product takes more time to apply. Slapping on some powder is easy but blending a cream takes a little bit more effort.

I'm not sure if this if this product is still available since this was limited edition but if you do happen upon it, be sure to grab it since this is a beauty.


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