Just Dutch Tag

Illustration by Kethi Copeland
As most of you know, I'm Dutch, no surprise there. A few days ago I saw a Dutch blogger do the Just Dutch tag. Inspired by the British tag that was quite popular a while ago. I thought, why not do it myself, so here we go!

1. One or more cookies at tea time?
I don't really get this question, obviously more then one! But when I visit someone I would only take one because I kind of think taking more would be impolite.

2. What is your favourite mash? 
I hope I translated this properly because I don't really know the correct word (google says it has to be stew but that sounds weird). I mean Stamppot, a traditional Dutch type of recipe that usually consists out of mashed potatoes and vegetables. There are multiple stampotten, but I think my two favourites are the one with kale and mashes potatoes which we call boerenkoolstamppot and the one with endive and mashed potatoes, andijviestamppot.

3. Which Dutch holiday do you like the most?
I don't believe we have a lot of holidays that are truly Dutch, the only ones I can think of are Koningsdag (kingsday), Sinterklaas and maybe bevrijdingsdag (liberation day) but the only thing Dutch about that is the date we celebrate it. Out of those three my favourite is Sinterklaas. This is basically Dutch Christmas but we celebrate Christmas as well. I also love the free festivals on liberation day but Sinterklaas is just the best.
4. What is the best place in the Netherlands?
This is hard for me on the picture above you can see a few of my favourites. Clockwise you see Amsterdam, Utrecht, My home town and a forest near Leersum. I love Amsterdam and Utrecht are my favourite 'big' cities. I study in Amsterdam so I'm a little bit prejudiced but that city has quickly earned a spot in my hart and now that I'm able to find my way around I just love it, the canals and the architecture, it's a beautiful city. The other city that I love is Utrecht, this is close to where I live so this was that big city where I would go if I wanted to shop. I know my way around here and it feels so much smaller then it actually is. I'm not going to tell you the name of the town where I live but over the years I've really learned to appreciate the this little town. We have a beautiful old center and the small forest/park we have around the castle is gorgeous around autumn. The last place I love is a forest near Leesum called 'Het Leersumse Veld'. This is a gorgeous place all year round and it's forest around a lake. The cows just walk around here and you can walk beautifully here.

5. What's your favorite accent?
My favourite accent the one they speak in the town where I live. My grandmother speaks it and my mother can speak it but never wants to, I only hear her speak it to my grandmother. It's very similar to the accent the have in Utrecht but also different. I can understand both but somebody from Utrecht won't be able to understand it. I speak normal Dutch (abn) without an accent but sometimes you can hear something shine through. I cannot really let you hear what accent I'm talking about but a good example is the word 'normal', in normal Dutch that would be 'normaal' but in my accent it is 'numoal'.
Illustration by Emily March 
6. Which word is typically Dutch in your opinion? 
I have no idea to be honest, maybe stroopwafel, klederdracht or bitterbal? I do know which words are my favourites, words with a 'w' or a 'z' in it like wereld (world) and bijzonder (special). You can read this page if you're interested in some amusing Dutch words that are very normal to me.

7. Which Dutch custom do you like the most?
I had to google this because I didn't really know which customs are typically Dutch since for me they're normal. I found this website and I think riding a bike everywhere is my favourite. For me it's absolutely normal to go to school, the bus and work on my bike. I mean the grocery store is only a 10 minute walk away but I take my bike to be there in 2 minutes. In my house we all have a bike, so that's five bikes in our shed. I've mastered the art of cycling with three bags and an umbrella and keeping everything dry and putting on my coat while cycling.

8. What is your favourite Dutch saying?
I think my answer will be 'Daar komt de aap uit de mouw', which would be 'There comes the monkey out of the sleeve' if you'd translate it literally. It means that the truth come out but I have no idea why we compare truth to a monkey.

9. What is your favourite Dutch store?
HEMA, without a doubt. HEMA is echt de sh*t, they basically have everything and I love this store.

10. Which Dutch celebrity do you like the best?
For this one I don't have an answer, I cannot think of a Dutch celebrity that I like. Don't why, but most of them just annoy me.
11. Which Dutch song do you really like?
Also hard because I don't really listen to Dutch music. I think my answer to this question would be 'zing, vecht, huild, bid, lach, werk en bewonder' by Ramses Shaffy because it was my grandfathers favourite song. The only thing is that I cannot listen to it anymore because it was playing at his funeral so I cry whenever I hear it.

12. Herring? Yes or no?
NO, definitely no. Raw herring with unions is a Dutch delicatessen but I hate it, not my thing at all. I do to see foreigners try it though, some love it, some hate it but their reaction is always priceless.

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