H&M Velvet Lip Cream in 'Le Beau Monde'

Lets start this post by wishing your a very happy christmas, no special christmaspost on my blog this year but I didn't want it to go by unnoticed. This post is a bit festive though, I'm reviewing a red lip stick (or cream actually) today and what better time to wear a red lipstick then during Christmas. Wrapped in tinsel you see the H&M Velvet Lip Cream. This is a liquid lipstick and one I actually really like for a change. There are six shades available.
                - Enchanté
                - Dare Me
                - Pep Talk
                - Le Beau Monde
                - Nudista'
                - Some Like It Haute
Both 'Some Like It Haute' and 'Le Beau Monde' are red and I swatched them both in the store but went for this one. 'Some Like It Haute' is darker but it swatched less beautiful then the one I both 'Le Beau Monde'.
This is what the applicator looks like, nothing special. This is my biggest con to this product, the applicator doesn't work great, because of the shade you cannot apply the colour to your lips very precise. So keep in mind that you have to use a brush to get the products onto your lips nicely.
My swatch photos weren't sharp but that doesn't matter because you can see this beautiful colour perfectly well on my lips. You have to be a fan of matte finishes to like this product but for me this perfection. The product dries really quick so you have to be really quick when applying and it requires some practices. On the photo I'm wearing just the lipstick but lately I've been wearing it with a lipliner underneath. I have one that's a perfect match from Essence and with that applying it neatly is super easy.
This has been the red lipstick I've been reaching lately. The colour is perfect and it lasts a really long time. Halfway through the day I have to reapply some to the center of my lips but for the rest, it stays on perfectly. It's the perfect holiday red that can be worn all year round.

You can buy the H&M Velvet Lip Cream for €7,99 at H&M stores have a beauty department.

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  1. Looks very Pretty!;)