I went to H&M beauty and I did some damage

Well I think the title of this post says it all. I could not contain myself when I spotted the H&M beauty department and bought quite some stuff. A while ago I spotted the new H&M store in Utrecht (one of the biggest in the Netherlands yass) and a few weeks ago I saw they sold the new H&M beauty line! I have to travel through Utrecht every single day (I study in Amsterdam) and this H&M has been the place where I've been spending my time when waiting for the bus or train. Over the past two or three weeks I've been buying quite a few H&M beauty products and I thought I'd give you a heads up about the reviews that are coming on my blog. On the photo above this post you can see a few of the products I got but there's definitely more. After trying the products a few times my first opinion is really positive but for more in depth reviews of the products, you'll have to come back later...

Stay tuned,

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