H&M Shitake High Impact Eye Colour

The first time I went into H&M beauty I was really overwhelmed and didn't purchase anything. The second time was no different but after I read some reviews, the third time I finally bought something. The product I purchased was one of the 'High Impact Eye Colour', at first I wanted to go for the eyeshadow palette but after some mixed reviews on that I went for this mono which got much better reviews online (after that third time I did do multiple other shops at H&M beauty haha). H&M's new beauty line has beautiful packaging and the mono eyeshadows are definitely not an exception. The packaging is gorgeous and it's definitely a product that stands out in my stash. The shadows inside also looks gorgeous. Shiitake is a gorgeous shade and it's almost impossible to describe so let's just say this is a shimmery shiitake shade (which btw is a type of mushroom if you didn't know). The swatch in this photo doesn't do this shadow justice so I'll do another post in which I show you all the eyeshadows I bought (yes I bought some more after making photos of this one).

You can buy the H&M High Impact Eye Colour for €5,99


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