H&M Sahara Dawn & Baci Di Dama High Impact Eye Colour

Yet another H&M review today, one of the last for a while tough I promise. I'll do a post  with all the eye shadows I got so that you can see them all next to each other, don't know thought that would be fun to do. Today I'm showing you two shadows called Sahara Dawn en Baci Di Dama, which I both got because of Lilly Pebbles.
Sahara Dawn is a purple burgundy shade which is perfect for this time of the year, I'm in love with it. The other shade is called Baci Di Dama and this is a shimmery gold shade that's just a staple for your collection. Two gorgeous shades that really complement each other, I could make a beautiful autumnal looks with these two shades. So far I haven't shown you how the H&M eyeshadows on my eyes though. I'm going to do that in another post where I'll be making to looks with the four shadows I bought so stay tuned for that.

You can buy the H&M High Impact Eye Colour for €5,99 at H&M stores that stock the beauty line.

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