H&M Deep Brown Blusher

Imagine me, standing in front of the H&M Beauty blush section, trying to decide what blush to buy. Should I go for one of the pink shades? The problem is, I already have a lot of pink blushes. Should I go for a more purple shade? But I don't really wear purple blushes that often. After standing there, swatching and doubting (or twijfelen as we say in Dutch), I grabbed this brown blush. I don't anything similar and I think I'll get a lot of use out of a neutral shade like this. Problem solved, I bought a blush called 'Deep Brown'.
The blushes from H&M come in hexagon-shaped packaging, something I haven't seen before. Although I like the shape and look, when I'm holding it feels quite cheap because it's so light and made out of plastic.
As you can see this blush is not deep brown, it definitely has a pink undertone which makes it way more wearable for me. Still it's brown enough to use as a subtle contour on my pale skin tone. I have to be careful if I contour with this though, the pink undertone and shimmer make it more of a blush than a bronzer and therefore you cannot do a massive party contour with it. For some subtle everyday contouring this works great on my skin tone.
Here I contoured a little bit with the blush and I really like the result, really natural but still sculpted.  
I'm very happy with my choice, I wasn't completely sure but I made the right choice. However there's a new problem now, I want more H&M blushes. The pigmentation of this shade is great, the colour is beautiful and the apply gorgeous. Maybe I'm going to buy yet another pink blush...

You can buy the H&M Deep Brown Pure Radiance Powder Blusher for €7,99 at H&M stores that stock H&M Beauty. 

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