Music I Listen To While Studying

I'm getting to the end of my first block of school this year and since I'm in the middle of finishing all my projects and studying for my tests, I thought it would be a good idea to show you what music I listen to when I do these things. I tend to put on an album, take a short break when the album is finished, put on another and repeat that throughout the days. This post will be short and sweet without a lot of text but I hope you like it nonetheless.
Personally I don't use Spotify that much, I have my music in my iTunes. Spotify is merely a tool I use to discover new music. For this playlist I just went through my iTunes and then made a Spotify list of the albums I listen to when I study. It's a long list but maybe you can find some albums you like as well, give it a listen and who knows.

Definitely let me know your favourite music because I'd love to discover new songs and albums.

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