Catrice FALLosophy Lipstick

I've been a little bit MIA lately, I know but there's a perfectly good reason for that and I bet you all know what it is, school. I've been super busy with my studies lately and I just haven't had the time to write anything or test anything thoroughly. Also I my interest in makeup has gone a little bit low, I haven't been wearing makeup that much because I just didn't feel the need to. During the last few weeks that has changed back a little, I've been wearing lipstick and eyeliner again and I've also been buying some new goodies. One of those is the lipstick I'm showing you today (even though I should really get working on my final assignments this semester . This lipstick I'm talking about today is part of the new Catrice limited edition for the fall. The collection is called FALLosophy and even though the collection is gorgeous, this was the only product that spoke to me. There are thee soft lip colour lipsticks in the collection; Fabulous Fox-ia, Rustic Rose and the one I bought which is called Little Red Riding Hood. On the first photo you could already see the beautiful packaging. The lipstick is quite short (it's the shortest lipstick in my stash) and has pretty silver leaves on the lid. The lid closes magnetically and overall the lipstick looks and feels very luxurious.  Just like any other Catrice lipstick, the lipstick has the name of the brand engraved in it, I really love it when brands do this, looks so luxurious. On this photo the shade looks way more blue then in real life, it has a much more red undertone then you see here. The finish is very glossy and not really something I usually go for. I prefer matte shades but when it's done in a beautiful way like this (read not with chunks of glitter), I also really like shiny shades like this. I don't have a swatch photo for you today because I want to get this up and right now it's really dark outside so I cannot really make a nice photo but I'm sure you'll see this appear on my blog one way or another.

The Catrice FALLosophy Soft Lip Colours in the shade Little Red Riding Hood is available in stores right now and costs €4,59

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