L'Oréal Color Riche Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipstick

My absolute favourite red lipstick is the Pure Red by Blake L'Oréal lipstick (review), it's a gorgeous lipstick and when I saw L'Oréal was bringing out a similar line in all pink shades, I couldn't contain my excitement. When they finally arrived at the store I picked up two, Doutzen's pink and Blake's lipstick.

The think I find weird about this line I that I cannot find anything about it online, the line with the reds was much hyped but about these pinks, absolutely nothing.

Like I said, I bought the Blake and the Doutzen lipstick, here in the Netherlands we also have Jullianne and JLO but like always, country's like America and England have more shades.

The one on the left is Doutzen's delicate rose, a bright cool toned pink and the right one, Blake's delicate rose, is warmer, and when you see them next to each other, more of a koral shade (I'm so bad in describing colours...). Both of the shades are really creamy and pigmented and have a semi-matte finish, maybe I could even call the finish velvet.

This is Doutzen's lipstick, my favourite out of the two. It's a very cool toned almost purple bright pink lipstick. Compared to Blake's one this formula is much more creamy and doesn't accentuate chapped lips and lines as much.

And this is Blake's lipstick and as you see, this looks way less pretty on the lips. The formula really accentuates the dry areas on my lips and show my lines. Still I really like the colour, it's much more wearable then Doutzen's one because the colour is less 'out there'. The shade is still bright but this rosy tint is way more natural.

These lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately both formula's are really drying to the lips. Luckily that's the only downside to these lipsticks, the pigmentation is great, the colours are beautiful and the packaging is really pretty as well. These lipsticks also stain the lips which is why they last quite a lot of time. Overall I'm positive about these lipstick, I love the colours but the lipsticks are quite pricey.

You can buy these two lipsticks for €14,99 each.

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