Kiko Watereyeshadow (207 + 219)

Kiko, what have you done to me? Now that you have a store in Amsterdam you'll ruin my bank account. And the worst, the store is in the central station. This basically means that every time I miss my train (which happens a lot), I can just pop into Kiko and purchase some makeup. This is also what happened last weekend. I missed the train, had 15 spare minutes and bought two eyeshadows, just like that.

The two eyeshadows I bought are called the water eyeshadows. They were on sale so I think they're going to be discontinued but I'm not sure. I bought two shades, 207 and 219. I wanted to buy more but the other two shades I liked were sold out unfortunately.

The packaging of these eyeshadows is completely to my liking. Sleek, black and simple. The eyeshadow inside is gorgeous as well, you can really see where the name comes from. The pattern in the eyeshadows is clearly inspired by water, it sort of like a ripple in water. On the inside of the lid is a mirror but I don't think I'll be using it that much since I prefer lager mirrors to do my makeup. I cannot find names on the packaging of these shadows but according to the Kiko site, these are called 207 Sepia and 219 Flamingo Pink.

This is 207 Sepia, a metallic green with a golden scheme.

And this is the other shade, Flamingo Pink. Also with golden scheme but obviously pink.

And this is what the swatches look like, the ones on the outside are applied with a wet finger and as you can see, it doesn't make that much of a difference. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is great and applying it wet isn't really worth the struggle in my opinion.

The eyeshadow perform really well on the lid and even though the shades are quite out there, together they kind of work. I'm wearing the pink shade on my lid and Sepia in my crease. I'm basically wearing pink and green together pink but I don't think I look like a clown.

I've been wanting these eyeshadows for a while and I'm super happy I finally own them. They shadows work great and the shades are really pretty. These two aren't shades that I would wear really often but I do really like them and think they're gorgeous. A really nice addition to my collection.

You can buy the watereyeshadows at the Kiko store and they're on sale right now for €4,40.
Love, E 

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