Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipstick

Kiko is slowly starting to become one of my favourite brands of the moment. Everything I bought so far has been a huge hit and I really hope these lipsticks will be amazing as well. These lipsticks are part of the Rebel Romantic line and I got two out of the six shades.
  • 01 Lusty Peony
  • 02 Pretty Mauve
  • 03 Luscious Red * 
  • 04 Mild Sangria
  • 05 Heavy Cherry
  • 06 Melodious Wine * 
I bought these in two trips to Kiko, at first I wanted to buy shade 6 but it turned out I bought 3, bummer! I went back and bought 6 after all but I didn't want to return 3 either (both because I didn't want to go through the struggle and because I didn't know if it was even possible to return makeup). so today I'm just showing you both.

The packaging is gorgeous for a starters. Rose gold bullits and with a lid that closes with a magnet, they feel really luxurious. I don't really like the white square on the lid but overall these lipsticks are real stunners and will look gorgeous in my collection.

03 is a gorgeous bright red shade. If you already own some red lipsticks you don't need this one at all, because it is a one in a million shade. That doesn't mean that the lipstick isn't gorgeous and since I don't own a red lipstick in this shade that I really like, this is a nice addition to my collection.

06 is a darker red shade. I have been looking for a nice darker red but the only ones I found were really dark or just not what I wanted. This lipstick immediately caught my eye when I saw it and it's exactly what I wanted but couldn't find. It's dark berry shade that looks gorgeous an even though this isn't a everyday shade, I think this will become my staple lip shade this autumn.

The pigmentation of these lipsticks is great and the finish is really unique. The finish is like velvet but they glide on like butter, they're so soft I love it. This does mean that the lasting power isn't that great but it's not bad at all. They stain your lips a little but after 3/4 hours you do have to reapply.

And that was it for this review, I'm super happy with these two new lipsticks and the colours are amazing for this time of the year.

You can buy the Limited Edition Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipsticks for €6,90 at Kiko stores

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