2 Times Red

Lately I haven't been buying a lot of nail polishes because I feel like I own most shades already. However, a while back I was looking for a bright red polish and I couldn't really find one. I just didn't own a true red shade, I own corals and burgundy's but not one single true red shade. I think you can guess what happened next, I went to the store and looked around for some red nail polishes. In the end I bought two, both super cheap, one from Essence and one from Catrice. Both of these are from the new autumn/winter collection which is essentially why I went for these.

This is the one by Catrice. It's called 'Snow White's Apple Bite and it's, like the name suggests, as red as an apple but with a twist. There's a slight multicolored shimmer in it, you can see it if you zoom in on my ring finger but it looks more blue then in real life there. There was a time I bought a lot of the Catrice shades but then they changed the formula and I didn't like it all anymore. Since they've reformulated a few times but I didn't really give the polishes a change. Now I'm happy that I did, the rounded brush has the perfect size and the pigmentation of this shade is great, it completely opaque in two layers. I use a Essie topcoat over the top and then it lasts approximately 3 days. Not super long lasting but still pretty good for a drugstore nail polish.

The other red polish is this one by Essence. This shade is called Va-Va-Voom and indeed, it has some impact. This polish isn't subtle at all, it's a super bright red with a slight hint of orange which makes it a little bit more coral then the Catrice one. Officially this one has a matt finish but I don't like it at all that way, with my topcoat it's a stunner but without I would never wear it, looks way too tacky to my liking. Just like Catrice, Essence has reformulated their polishes or completely redid them I should say. Before they were called the colour&go polishes but now Essence calls them gel polishes. I've never tried gel polish (not with a lamp, not without) but I'm impressed by this forumla. I don't know why but it lasts a long time without chipping on my nails, I do use a topcoat of course. But using the same Essie one that I used with the Catrice polish, this lasted almost a full week without a single chip. Which is something no polish does on me. Essie polishes come close with 5 days but the first chip appeared on Saturday and I painted my nail on Sunday evening with this. Great quality for a really small price.

Out of these two I have to say I prefer the Essence one, the quality of the colour is the same but when it comes to longevity, Essence wins by a mile. I know whe're slowly going into autumn but these shades are great summer shades. Va-Va-Voom more the Snow White's Apple Bite because it's brighter but still. Two great polishes that are definitely double worth their price.

You can buy both polishes at the drugstore, the Essence Gel Nail Polish cost €1,69 and is available in 48 shades. The Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer costs €2,99 and is available in 45 shades. 

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