Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipstick

Kiko is slowly starting to become one of my favourite brands of the moment. Everything I bought so far has been a huge hit and I really hope these lipsticks will be amazing as well. These lipsticks are part of the Rebel Romantic line and I got two out of the six shades.
  • 01 Lusty Peony
  • 02 Pretty Mauve
  • 03 Luscious Red * 
  • 04 Mild Sangria
  • 05 Heavy Cherry
  • 06 Melodious Wine * 
I bought these in two trips to Kiko, at first I wanted to buy shade 6 but it turned out I bought 3, bummer! I went back and bought 6 after all but I didn't want to return 3 either (both because I didn't want to go through the struggle and because I didn't know if it was even possible to return makeup). so today I'm just showing you both.

The packaging is gorgeous for a starters. Rose gold bullits and with a lid that closes with a magnet, they feel really luxurious. I don't really like the white square on the lid but overall these lipsticks are real stunners and will look gorgeous in my collection.

03 is a gorgeous bright red shade. If you already own some red lipsticks you don't need this one at all, because it is a one in a million shade. That doesn't mean that the lipstick isn't gorgeous and since I don't own a red lipstick in this shade that I really like, this is a nice addition to my collection.

06 is a darker red shade. I have been looking for a nice darker red but the only ones I found were really dark or just not what I wanted. This lipstick immediately caught my eye when I saw it and it's exactly what I wanted but couldn't find. It's dark berry shade that looks gorgeous an even though this isn't a everyday shade, I think this will become my staple lip shade this autumn.

The pigmentation of these lipsticks is great and the finish is really unique. The finish is like velvet but they glide on like butter, they're so soft I love it. This does mean that the lasting power isn't that great but it's not bad at all. They stain your lips a little but after 3/4 hours you do have to reapply.

And that was it for this review, I'm super happy with these two new lipsticks and the colours are amazing for this time of the year.

You can buy the Limited Edition Kiko Intensely Lavish Lipsticks for €6,90 at Kiko stores

Kiko Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette 02 Fiery Rose

Ever since Kiko opened a store on Amsterdam central station, I've been popping in and out just taking a look at everything. One day I saw that the limited edition for autumn had arrived and I absolutely loved it. That first time I only bought a lipstick but after seeing some reviews online I went back and bought some more items of the collection. I finally ended up with the eyeshadow palette I'm reviewing today, two lipsticks, a creamy eyeshadow and a lip pencil. Obviously I'll try to review everything I purchased but for today I'm just looking at the Reckless Spirit eyeshadow palette in the shade 02 Fiery Rose.

This eyeshadow palette is part of the Rebel Romantic limited edition. A collection all about classic beauty. Romantic settings, shadows and light dance around a woman of captivating contradictions. Feminine and courageous at the same time. This palette is available in four shades; 01 Harmonious Beige, 02 Fiery Rose, 03 Wonderful Mauve and 04 Romantic Green which is an online exclusive. I got the purple toned palette Fiery Rose because the shades looked beautiful and isn't something I really own. For starters, the packaging is gorgeous. Silver with a fan pattern on the lid and a mirror inside of it.

Inside you find four matte eyeshadows and a little sponge applicator. Kiko describes the shadows as silky soft and intensely pigmented, they're supposed to feel wonderful and airy and beautiful both wet and dry. Each palette has a light shade, two mediums and a dark shade.

I wasn't too impressed by the pigmentation but it's not bad at all, especially for matt shades. On the eyes the shades are a little bit less intense but still pretty good. I don't have an eyelook for you in this review because the colours don't show up on camera at all. It looks really pretty in real life but on camera you just see a brownish purple wash. In reality you can create a beautiful a beautiful hazy purple look with a neutral feel and if you add the darker purple you can smoke it out really well.

I really like the colours in this palette, it's purple but neutral and I've been wearing it a lot more then I expected. The quality isn't the best but it's still a gorgeous quad and after a little bit of work you're guaranteed to have a beautiful look. My favourite shade of the palette is the pinkish brown shade (second swatch) because it's a gorgeous neutral shade that looks also great on it's own and I've been wearing it almost every day since I got this palette, sometimes on it's own and sometimes with the other shades, just a great everyday shade.

You can buy this Kiko Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Fiery Rose for €12,90

2 Times Red

Lately I haven't been buying a lot of nail polishes because I feel like I own most shades already. However, a while back I was looking for a bright red polish and I couldn't really find one. I just didn't own a true red shade, I own corals and burgundy's but not one single true red shade. I think you can guess what happened next, I went to the store and looked around for some red nail polishes. In the end I bought two, both super cheap, one from Essence and one from Catrice. Both of these are from the new autumn/winter collection which is essentially why I went for these.

This is the one by Catrice. It's called 'Snow White's Apple Bite and it's, like the name suggests, as red as an apple but with a twist. There's a slight multicolored shimmer in it, you can see it if you zoom in on my ring finger but it looks more blue then in real life there. There was a time I bought a lot of the Catrice shades but then they changed the formula and I didn't like it all anymore. Since they've reformulated a few times but I didn't really give the polishes a change. Now I'm happy that I did, the rounded brush has the perfect size and the pigmentation of this shade is great, it completely opaque in two layers. I use a Essie topcoat over the top and then it lasts approximately 3 days. Not super long lasting but still pretty good for a drugstore nail polish.

The other red polish is this one by Essence. This shade is called Va-Va-Voom and indeed, it has some impact. This polish isn't subtle at all, it's a super bright red with a slight hint of orange which makes it a little bit more coral then the Catrice one. Officially this one has a matt finish but I don't like it at all that way, with my topcoat it's a stunner but without I would never wear it, looks way too tacky to my liking. Just like Catrice, Essence has reformulated their polishes or completely redid them I should say. Before they were called the colour&go polishes but now Essence calls them gel polishes. I've never tried gel polish (not with a lamp, not without) but I'm impressed by this forumla. I don't know why but it lasts a long time without chipping on my nails, I do use a topcoat of course. But using the same Essie one that I used with the Catrice polish, this lasted almost a full week without a single chip. Which is something no polish does on me. Essie polishes come close with 5 days but the first chip appeared on Saturday and I painted my nail on Sunday evening with this. Great quality for a really small price.

Out of these two I have to say I prefer the Essence one, the quality of the colour is the same but when it comes to longevity, Essence wins by a mile. I know whe're slowly going into autumn but these shades are great summer shades. Va-Va-Voom more the Snow White's Apple Bite because it's brighter but still. Two great polishes that are definitely double worth their price.

You can buy both polishes at the drugstore, the Essence Gel Nail Polish cost €1,69 and is available in 48 shades. The Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer costs €2,99 and is available in 45 shades. 

L'Oréal Color Riche Collection Exclusive La Vie En Rose Lipstick

My absolute favourite red lipstick is the Pure Red by Blake L'Oréal lipstick (review), it's a gorgeous lipstick and when I saw L'Oréal was bringing out a similar line in all pink shades, I couldn't contain my excitement. When they finally arrived at the store I picked up two, Doutzen's pink and Blake's lipstick.

The think I find weird about this line I that I cannot find anything about it online, the line with the reds was much hyped but about these pinks, absolutely nothing.

Like I said, I bought the Blake and the Doutzen lipstick, here in the Netherlands we also have Jullianne and JLO but like always, country's like America and England have more shades.

The one on the left is Doutzen's delicate rose, a bright cool toned pink and the right one, Blake's delicate rose, is warmer, and when you see them next to each other, more of a koral shade (I'm so bad in describing colours...). Both of the shades are really creamy and pigmented and have a semi-matte finish, maybe I could even call the finish velvet.

This is Doutzen's lipstick, my favourite out of the two. It's a very cool toned almost purple bright pink lipstick. Compared to Blake's one this formula is much more creamy and doesn't accentuate chapped lips and lines as much.

And this is Blake's lipstick and as you see, this looks way less pretty on the lips. The formula really accentuates the dry areas on my lips and show my lines. Still I really like the colour, it's much more wearable then Doutzen's one because the colour is less 'out there'. The shade is still bright but this rosy tint is way more natural.

These lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately both formula's are really drying to the lips. Luckily that's the only downside to these lipsticks, the pigmentation is great, the colours are beautiful and the packaging is really pretty as well. These lipsticks also stain the lips which is why they last quite a lot of time. Overall I'm positive about these lipstick, I love the colours but the lipsticks are quite pricey.

You can buy these two lipsticks for €14,99 each.

Kiko Watereyeshadow (207 + 219)

Kiko, what have you done to me? Now that you have a store in Amsterdam you'll ruin my bank account. And the worst, the store is in the central station. This basically means that every time I miss my train (which happens a lot), I can just pop into Kiko and purchase some makeup. This is also what happened last weekend. I missed the train, had 15 spare minutes and bought two eyeshadows, just like that.

The two eyeshadows I bought are called the water eyeshadows. They were on sale so I think they're going to be discontinued but I'm not sure. I bought two shades, 207 and 219. I wanted to buy more but the other two shades I liked were sold out unfortunately.

The packaging of these eyeshadows is completely to my liking. Sleek, black and simple. The eyeshadow inside is gorgeous as well, you can really see where the name comes from. The pattern in the eyeshadows is clearly inspired by water, it sort of like a ripple in water. On the inside of the lid is a mirror but I don't think I'll be using it that much since I prefer lager mirrors to do my makeup. I cannot find names on the packaging of these shadows but according to the Kiko site, these are called 207 Sepia and 219 Flamingo Pink.

This is 207 Sepia, a metallic green with a golden scheme.

And this is the other shade, Flamingo Pink. Also with golden scheme but obviously pink.

And this is what the swatches look like, the ones on the outside are applied with a wet finger and as you can see, it doesn't make that much of a difference. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is great and applying it wet isn't really worth the struggle in my opinion.

The eyeshadow perform really well on the lid and even though the shades are quite out there, together they kind of work. I'm wearing the pink shade on my lid and Sepia in my crease. I'm basically wearing pink and green together pink but I don't think I look like a clown.

I've been wanting these eyeshadows for a while and I'm super happy I finally own them. They shadows work great and the shades are really pretty. These two aren't shades that I would wear really often but I do really like them and think they're gorgeous. A really nice addition to my collection.

You can buy the watereyeshadows at the Kiko store and they're on sale right now for €4,40.
Love, E 

August Empties

Bam, just like that, summer vacation is over... School has started and we're slowly moving into fall. On one side, I'm happy autumn is coming because I love autumn fashion and cannot wait to start wearing warm sweaters and boots but on the other hand, summer is coming to an end... This means no more glowy tanned skin, no more flirty summer dresses and most important rain instead of sun. Well enough moaning about the changing seasons, today's post is an empties post (didn't guess that from reading the intro didn't you?).

These are all the products I finished during the past month. Quite a lot I think but last month was all about finishing up product and not reaching for my new products.

I finally finished the two Batiste dry shampoos I got last summer in London. These are way cheaper in England then they are here in The Netherlands which is why I got them but I just take a long time to finish dry shampoos. I honestly cannot live without them but I don't use dry shampoo that often. Out of these two I liked the original one the best because it was neutral, the floral scent was nice as well but I smelled it through my perfume.

From Garnier I finished two products, a tonic and a micellar water. The tonic I started using because I felt like it was lacking in my skin care routine but I didn't really feel like it did anything at all, it kind of felt like drying almost. The micellar water however, is my favourite. I took this small bottle with me on holiday but now that it's empty I'm back to using my big bottle. This was really handy for traveling but to be fair the product is the exact same.

I also finished two shower gels, both by the Body Shop. One of them in the Fijian WaterLotus scent and the other one smells like mango. Both of them are really nice, the mango one was great for the summer time and the fijian water scent is just great all year round and one of my favourite scents by the Body Shop.

The perfume I finished is by Escada and this was my go to summer scent for the past couple of  years (I looked it up, it was the summer 2011 scent of Escada). It was a limited edition I believe and it's called Island Kiss. A really nice summery fruity scent, a mix of tropical fruit and magnolia with a little bit of musk. If you read my blog often you know that I love magnolia so i'm really said this one it empty and that I cannot repurchase it for next summer.

The last products of this post are a hair mist, body butter, lip butter, eyeliner and little tin of nivea. I've used this Andrélon volume mist for a long time and even though it didn't do much for my hair, I did notice a difference when I didn't use it. I'm currently trying a different hair mist that I like better so far, which is why I probably won't repurchase it. The body butter is a mini Virgin Mojito one by The Body Shop which I absolutely loved. If I had finished this in the beginning of summer I would definitely have bought a new big one because this scent is amazing, so fresh and summery, I love it. There are two lip moisturizing products I use, a lip balm by Vichy and this lip butter by Nivea. It takes me approximately a year to finish a little tin like this one and now that this raspberry one is empty, I bought a coconut one. The eyeliner I finished is the easy 2 use liner by Essence which I didn't like at all, you can read my review to find out why. And the last product in this post is one that everybody has owned, a basic tin of Nivea cream. I used this for my cuticles and now it's empty, not much more to say about it. I'm probably going to buy Lush' Lemony Flutter for the winter instead for winter instead of this but there is a big change I'm going to repurchase this at some time.

I hope you liked reading my opinion about these product, I always feel like empty post are a bit weird to write and mine are always really long but they're great to find out somebody true opinion about a product since that person used it all up.