P2 Forever Intense Eye Shadow Cream 020 Just As You Are

Some products are hard to form an opinion on, that's also the case with today's product. I bought this in Germany because I was impressed with the swatch but now that I own it I'm not sure. The product I'm talking about is the P2 Forever Intense Eyeshadow cream.

P2 is a German brand that I don't know much about, I own a few of their nail polishes and they are great but I was curious about the rest. I have mixed thoughts about the packaging, without the lid the product looks luxurious and pretty but the lid is plastic with a metal colour that makes it look cheap. For some reason I like it though, I'm sort of sucker for metallic packaging even though I don't think it looks elegant but rather trashy.

The actual product is really pretty though, it's hard to describe the colour of this product but it's some sort of rose gold champagne shade. Really shimmery and pretty and I hope it looks really pretty on the eyes as it does in the jar.

Just like in the store, the swatch is beautiful. On the eyes it looks pretty as well but it also kind of looks like weird, kid of like metallic crocodile skin. Overall I like this look, I'm wearing a shadow by Catrice in my crease (this one) and I really like this shimmery champagne pink look.

As I said in the beginning, I haven't really formed an opinion on this product yet. It's pretty but I don't know if the formula is that great. I don't think I'll wear it as thick as I did in the look above, just as a subtle wash blended and softly applied with a brush. That way it's a really nice product that lasts quite a long time.

You can buy the P2 Forever Intense Eye Shadow for €2,99.

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