May|June|July Empties

Well, yes, this is going to be a huge empties post. I have no idea why I didn't do a post like this sooner but I just kept throwing my empty products in my empties bag and now I have a huge amount of products.

Starting with shower gels, I finished three in four months, quite a good amount if I say so. The first one is a shower gel scrub hybrid from Palmolive. This is the Thermal Mineral Massage shower gel with aloë vera and seasalt. I liked using this but the scent isn't my cup of tea, I don't know why but I don't really like it. The actual product however is great, a nice scrub that's not too rough for your skin. Then I have a showergel from Biotherm, a nice fresh shower gel that I really liked using when I took a morning shower.The last showergel is one from The Body Shop. My mother bought this for me and I'm still not sure about the scent. It's called fuji green tea and I've heard a lot of people rave about it but I don't get it, maybe the scent is just too green smelling to my liking...

Then I have hair products, four in total. The first one is from Andrélon and I cannot for the life of me remember how or why I got this but I used the last bit to wash my brushes and now it's empty. The next two products are the shampoo and conditioner in the banana scent from The Body Shop. I liked these a lot, I liked what they did to my hair, I liked the scent and overall I just enjoyed using them. Really nice products that aren't too expensive. The last hair product is a mask from the Fruity Botanicals line by Kruidvat. I did not like this at all, I've had this for a long time but I never really used this because I didn't like what it did to my hair. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to try it again and I dropped it. Well for some reason I was happy, I used what was left and then the jar was empty. Now I can just throw it away without feeling guilty about throwing product away.

And then, skincare... I find it hard to write about this because I don't know much about it. I just use products I like and I don't really look a the ingredients (that's changing however, I find it quit interesting). The first product is a foaming cleanser from Simple (review) which I got last year in London. I absolutely loved this and I'm really bummed that I cannot get it here in the Netherlands. Right now I'm using a similar product by Vichy which is also good, but not as good as this one was. I love micellair water to remove my eye makeup and my favourite one is from Bioderma, sadly that one is quite expensive and hard to get here in the Netherlands. That's why I've been trying out some cheaper drugstore ones and I like the Garnier one the best. It removes my makeup better then the Nivea one but I still think the one from Bioderma is the best. The last two skincare products are a mask by Dr Van Der Hoog of which I don't really have an opinion, it didn't do much, and my trusty old Aqualia Thermal moisturizer from Vichy.

Now a few random things, a hand gel, nail polish remover, body lotion and shaving cream. Not much special just, necessary stuff I need. I didn't love any of these apart from the shaving cream that I always use.

And finally the fun bit, empty makeup! The first one is an eyeliner from Essence (review here), for the price this is a very good one, the only downside is that the tip doesn't allow me to draw a thin line so your limited to quite thick ones. The second product is a Maybelline mascara (review here), my review wasn't the most positive one but I definitely liked this one, so I bought it again. Then I have a product I completely finished, my brow powder from Essence. I liked the product in this but I hated the packaging, the two powders come in a piece of thin plastic and it just looks like crap. That's why I didn't buy this one again but bought a Catrice brow powder instead. I also finished a concealer from NYX, it's a really good one if your looking for a super light one but it doesn't beat the collection one, it's a bit drying and therefore just not as good (review here). That teeny tiny pink thing is a lip liner by Essence that is just too small to use anymore. I really like the liner Essence makes and I can really recommend them (review here). I'm throwing out a black crackle nail polish from Beyu, a few years ago crackle nails were super cool but I just never do it anymore. The last two products of this post are two mascaras from Maybelline. The Colossal version was not my favourite, the brush is way too big (review here), but the Big Eyes! one was really good. The brush had the right size and the formula was great. I didn't write a review about it but I wish I did because I really enjoyed using it.

And that was it, my huge empties post. A pain in the ass to write but I feel satisfied, now I can throw out all these products and that just feels sooo good. I'm going to try to do my empties post more frequently so that I don't have a massive bag full of products and my empty posts aren't so long. Let's see if I can keep that promise..


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