I ♥ Makeup #Selfie Palette

Today I'm showing you a palette that I almost didn't buy but I'm soo glad I did. I was hesitant because of the name, I mean, what nineteen year old buys a makeup palette that's called #Selfie? I absolutely hate the name and the packaging but man o man, the eyeshadows inside of it are gorgeous.

This is how it looks, do you see what I mean? The packaging is all black with in huge letters '#selfie' on it, and all of that is holographic. It's the worst but deep deep down, I love it, it reminds me of flippo's (don't know if that's something Dutch or not).

Check us in - Me Me Me! - #Chocfix - Goldigga - #awks - #Love - Share This - #Trashy - #Club - How Many Likes?
Cringe, cringe cringe, those names. Just forget about that and look at these gorgeous swatches. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is fantastic, especially for such a cheap looking budget palette. Another thing I noticed right away is the texture, the shadows are really buttery and the fall out isn't too bad. Just looking at the swatches I think my favourites are #Chocfix and Goldigga.

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This is the look I created for this review, a nude look but with a bit of a smoky twist. I started by applying 'Check Us In' all over my lid to get a nice base and make blending easier. Then it was time to build the crease, I started with '#Chocfix' and then deepened the shade with 'Share This'. I also applied those two shades on the lower lashline but only on the outer part. I finished the eyeshadows by applying '#Awks' on the center of the lid and 'Me Me Me!' on the inner corner. I didn't use it on my browbone because it's too glittery to my liking, when I was done with these photos I applied Mary-Lou Manizer by TheBalm there.

This palette came with a primer as well but I'm not a fan of that one, it's champagne tinted and I just prefer my Catrice Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base (review). The shadows however, wauw. The pigment is really good and they last all day without creasing. Apart from the packaging, I don't have any negative to say about this beautiful palette.

You can buy this I Heart Makeup #Selfie eyeshadow palette for € 5,99.

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