Giorgio Armani Sì

Everytime the season changes I want to switch a lot of things up, perfume is one of those things. Usually I can resist the urge to buy a new one and just grab a different one out of my drawer full of perfume. When summer finally started here in the Netherlands I couldn't wait anymore, I just had to buy a new one. I went into the perfume store and asked the lady there if she had any recommendations for a summer scent. However, I didn't like any of the ones she pulled for me so I just walked around for another hour and finally picked this one by Giorgio Armani named Sì.

Sì Eau de toilette is the newest installment of the Sì line by Armani (which I love) and it's much lighter then the other version in this line. According to Armani this perfume is like silk brushing against bare skin, subtle and seductive.
Base notes: wood, amber, vanilla, musk, patchouli
Middle notes: strawberry, freesia, may rose, mango, jasmine, osmanthus
Top notes: neroli, bergamot, mandarin orange, pear, black current
I liked the original Sì perfume but I'm glad I didn't get that one, this eau de toilette version suits me much better. This one is much more fruity and fresh then the original one and that is just much more my taste. I also love the design of the bottle, it looks really classic and timeless and the soft pink colour looks beautiful on my vanity. Just a gorgeous perfume that I'll be wearing a lot.

I got the 50ml version which is available for €66,15

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