Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick

Lipsticks, my weakness. A pretty pink lipstick is something I'll never be short off because I have way too many. And now I've added two new ones to my collection.,. Last Tuesday you could my review of the Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick and today I'm showing you a new lip product by Essence.

These are the new Sheer & Shine lipsticks by Essence. Described as soft and sheer with a pleasantly light feeling on the lips. The lipsticks will provide your lips with a subtle colour and a fantastic shine. Wanna-have nudes, browns and pinks to fit everybody's taste. There are thirteen shades available of which I bought two pink-toned shades. 03 BFF and 11 All About That Cupcake. I bought BFF earlier, which is why it's already used. I'm sorry for that, I know it's a blogger sin.

Essence have really upped their game lately, first the long lasting lipsticks which look gorgeous, then the fantastic nude line and now these sheer & shine ones. They come in silver bullets with lids in the shade of the lipstick, really useful because this was you can easily spot them in your stash.

On the left you see BFF and on the right All About That Cupcake. BFF is much larger and has more red in it. All About That Cupcake is a light neutral pink shade and just like the name suggests, the formula is quite sheer. Still they're more opaque then I expected, they give off quite a lot of colour and I really hope they will look as good onto my lips.

On the lips they look a lot more similar then on my arm. Still you can see some difference. BFF (left) is definitely more red and less nude then All About That Cupcake. You cannot really see it on my lips but these lipsticks are really glossy, normally I don't like this finish in a lipstick but in a nude sheer lipstick like this it's quite nice actually. The result is a nice natural lip with a touch of shine, really pretty to wear on days you just don't feel like it.

I think Essence has done a good job on these new lipsticks, the formula is great and I really like the shades I just bought. Pretty pink neutrals that I will get a lot of wear out, hopefully. I'm a fan and I will definitely take a look in the store if there are more shades available.

You can buy the Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick for €1,99

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  1. i love sheer lipsticks the application and maintenance is easy
    thanks for sharing