Essence All About Nudes Eyeshadow

Back in spring I wrote a review about a nude palette by Essence (read it here). It was a bit too shimmery to my liking but I still liked it a lot and I have used it quite a lot in the meantime. Now Essence has discontinued that nude palette and brought out a range of new palettes with more shades, less shimmer and different variations.

There are five variations in the 'All About...'line. Vintage, bronze, Roses, greys and the one I bought, nudes. Each palette has both light and darker shades and is a mix between matte and shimmery shades.

I'm not that impressed by the swatches. The pigment of most shades is good but there are also some disappointing shades (like the second one). I think the bottom part of the palette is my favourite (last four swatches), those shades are nicely pigmented and quite buttery. The top row is a bit more chalky.

I created a soft nude look with this palette and I'm not too dissapointed. I used the four shades in the top row and for shades with quite bad swatches. They perform quite well on the lid. The only downside is that they blend too easily. It looks a bit like a brown blurr, which is really pretty but you cannot see much definition in my look.

Overall I'm not too impressed by this palette. You can create nice nude looks with it but the shades aren't that special. The thing I do like is that this isn't a typical nude palette. Instead of just brown shades is has more pinkish shades which is a nice alternative to most nude drugstore palettes. If your just starting out with makeup and want to grow your eyeshadow stash, this is a good one but if you already own a great deal of shadows, like me, this is more of a mweh. I like the look I created with it but I just don't think I'll use this a lot. We'll see...

You can buy this palette for €3,99

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