Clinique Lip Colour + Primer 05 Melon Pop

Ever since I got my first Clinique pop lipstick, I've been wanting a new one because I love it so much. For some reason I got lucky and again, there was a sale on lip products and I got to pick up my second shade, this time I went for 05 Melon Pop. This post will not be a full review because then it would be the same as this post and that would be pointless. I'm just going to show you how beautiful this shade is.

Melon Pop is a semi-sheer pinkish peach with semi-opaque coverage. Just like the pink shade I own as well, this lipstick will last on my lips for about 2/3 hours and fades beautifully. At first I was afraid the shade would be to orange to my liking but I was pleasantly surprised, I think it works really well with my pale skin tone (it looks even better now that I have a little bit of a tan). The only downside is that these type of peachy lipsticks make your teeth look less white which is something I don't like at all. Luckily this lipstick has enough pink in it to eliminate most of that. Overall, I think this is a really good shade for summer.

You can buy the Clinique Lip Colour + Primer for €21,95 and I can really recommend them because they're gorgeous.

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