Catrice Velvet Matt Eyeshadow Princess Mattleine

Yet another new review of another new product by Catrice. Not a lipstick this time but an eyeshadow. This is a new shade in the Velvet Matte range, I already own a mossy green shade which I use quite often (even though it's a green and not a bronze shade) and now they've brought out a peachy nude shade. Let's take a look at it.

Just like all Catrice single shadows this one comes in clear plastic packaging with silver details. Inside you find the shadow, unlike my other velvet matte shadow, this one is flat. In the unused pan the shadow has a very tiny pattern but that's gone after you use it.

I was quite surprised when I swatched this shadow, instead of the matte finish I was expecting, it looked almost metallic. Then I remembered that these shadows aren't matte, they're velvet matte and there is a difference. Velvet fabric also has a metallic sheen over it sometimes. The shade itself is really pretty, a mauvisch pink shade that will, hopefully, look just just as pretty on on my eyelids.

And indeed it does. Here I'm wearing Princess Mattleine all over my lid and the shade #Chocfix from the #Selfie palette in my crease. On my lashline I've lightly applied a matt black shade called Corrupt from the MUA Undress Me Too palette. It doesn't come across as pretty on the photos as in real like but you can see the effect a bit. Princess Mattleine is one of those shade you can even wear on it's own, I only applied the brown shade in my crease because of the photo (eyeshadow never comes across on photos as it does in real life which is why I always make my looks heavier if I take a photograph of it), on it's own the shadow looks gorgeous. It's a gorgeous nude shade that will really come in handy, on it's own as well as combined with other shades to make a nude look.

I'm happy with this new shade, it's a great nude and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it. The formula is great. The Velvet Matte shadows are a little bit more expensive then most drugstore shadows but I think they're worth it. The two I've tried are gorgeous and the the reviews I've read about the other shades are all really positive. I just wish Catrice would put these into a palette so that you won't have to buy so many mono's, that would be perfect.

You can buy the Velvet Matt Eyeshadows for €3,99 and there are six shades in total. 

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