Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick

The new Catrice and Esence makeup is here! Last Saturday you could already read my review on the Essence All About Nudes palette and today it's time for a Catrice product, a lip-product to be more exact. When I saw the new products for the first time online, these Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks really caught my attention, I just loved the packaging. I bought two shades, when I was in Germany I bought 070 Better Make A Mauve and back here in the Netherlands I also purchased 060 Marry Berry.

I've tried a million sentences to describe the packaging but I can just  not get it out of my fingers, let's just say. A photo say's enough.
The Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick is a true beauty hybrid and unites the pure colour of a lipstick with the maximum shine effect of a gloss. It contains vitamin E that pampers the sensitive lip area and offers a smooth, bright finish. With nuances to choose from soft nude to classical red shades, the Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick is sure to make all colour dreams come true.
According to the Catrice website there are twelve shades but that's only in the larger stores. In most stores where they sell Catrice there are just six shades available, my two shades are among those shades.

The applicator is really basic and simple but I did find that it worked really well. It was really easy to apply the product to my lips neatly. It simple but it does the job.

I'm sorry for the different lighting in the photos, for some reason my camera just didn't work probably. As you can see, the lipstick is quite pigmented but the texture is more like a gloss. On my lips they also feel more like a gloss than a lipstick. Exactly what Catrice said about the product, the pigmentation of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss. Marry Berry is a purplish shiny shade which I'm not sure about. I like it but I'm not a massive fan of the glossy finish. Maybe if I apply it less thick and pad it into my lips, Better make a Mauve however, is gorgeous. It's a my lips but better shade with a bit of shimmer. I'm usually not a fan of shimmer on my lips but this way it just works.

I'm a fan of the nude one but the purple one, I'm not sure about. I haven't been wearing it that much but I don't think this will become a huge favourite. I like the packaging, I like the scent and I like the formula, maybe I just choose a wrong shade. I'm most certainly going to look in the store if there's another nude shade that I like (although the red one is tempting as well) and if I do, I'll will definitely let you know.

You can buy the Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipsticks for €3,99.

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