Catrice Camouflage Cream

In today's post I'm revisiting an old favourite of mine, the camouflage cream by Catrice. Over two years ago I wrote a review but I thought why not write a new one? I'm taking that old one down and writing a fresh new one, with new and better photos and hopefully a better review. Let's go.

The camouflage cream comes in a small black pot, sleek and functional. The only thing is that a pot like this isn't very hygenic, especially when you use your finger to apply it. Personally I only use a brush and I clear the surface with some alcohol once in a while so I think I'm save. This is a creamy concealer which I use on spots, not under my eyes. I prefer a more liquid concealer for that purpose. Of course you can use a thicker concealer like this under your eyes as well but then the risk of looking like a pancake is high.

There are three shades available; 010 Ivory, 020 Light Beige and 025 Rosy Sand. Not a very wide range but for my fair skin Ivory is for me the perfect shade. The other two are darker but at least Catrice made a more yellow one and a more pink shade.

Right now I wish I had a tattoo on my wrist so that I could show you the cover power this concealer has (this beautyblogger did that). You'll just have to believe me, it's amazing. The coverage is amazing and so far there hasn't been a spot on my face that I couldn't cover.

I know I'm putting the concealer under my eyes but like I said, a creamy concealer like this isn't perfect for the under eye area. The problem is that since I don't have any spots at the moment so I couldn't cover anything up but my dark circles. Applying it there just doesn't work for me. For spots and around the nose, where I usually have some redness, I think it's save to say that this is the best cream concealer on the Dutch drugstore market.

You can buy the Catrice Camouflage Cream for €2,99. The pot holds 3 grams which will take you forever to finish. Believe me, my old one lasted for forever. 

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