Catrice Bouncy Eyeshadow Linda Evan-Grey-Lista

Catrice has brought out a new limited edition called Sence Of Simplicity and let me tell you, it's gorgeous. I didn't know this one was coming to be totally honest with you, therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted it in the store.
Simplify your life. Minimalistic design with maximum benefits. The look of the 90ies is back and it’s conquering the catwalks. Clean. Casual. Chic. Designers are creating a fashion flashback with linear cuts and selected high-tech materials like neoprene. Black and white, the messengers of understatement and luxury, are combined with clear colours such as bright pink and orange. Silver with a mirror glaze provides a cool twist and sets innovative highlights. The Limited Edition “Sense of Simplicity” by Catrice brings the look of the 90’s to the here and now. From August to mid-September 2015, conspicuously minimalistic beauty products with a metallic and semi-matt finish underline the fashion trend of the season. There is beauty in simplicity.
The collection consists out of a blush, a powder, three lip glosses, five nail polishes and three eyeshadows. I picked up the powder because I wanted a powder I could take with me and this one i just a mattifying powder I've owned several times in different packaging but I also bought one of the eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows in this limited edition are called bouncy eyeshadows and there are three shades available, Strike a Rose, Straight Silver and Linda Evan-Grey-Lista. I swatched them all in the store and I went for the last one. I was a bit disappointed by Strike a Rose because it looked like such a beautiful rosy eyeshadow but the pigmentation was really bad. Straight Silver was gorgeous as well but I just don't see myself wearing a silver eyeshadow that much. All of the eyeshadows come in beautiful glass jars with a sparkly lid, very pretty.

I can see why Catrice calls this shadow bouncy, when you press your finger in there, it kind of bounces without getting product on there. Once you really swipe your finger in it, you get the pigment. With one swipe (swatch on the left), the pigment isn't great, just a wash of shimmery grey but as you can see on the photo, the colour is really buildable (swatch on the right). Once you work with it for a little bit, it looks gorgeous, sparkly, smoky and opaque. Let's see how it performs on the eyes.

This product is perfect for a one product eyeshadow look. Here I'm wearing the bouncy eyeshadow blended out on my eyelids and I love the look, really smokey and super easy. This is perfect if you need a quick party look and you don't have time, just apply the shadow all over the eyelid and bled it out. A bit of highlighter on your brow bone and inner corner (I used Aurora from the MUA Heaven & Earth palette), some mascara and your done. You do have to work with it though, you cannot slap it onto your eyes without blending because then it will look really patchy and crease like hell. If you blend it, you don't have that issue.

I'm super happy with this new eyeshadow and I think that even though I'll probably don't wear it every day, will get quite a lot of use out of it. I love the smokey effect and the packaging is gorgeous. The product is pigmented and long lasting and just overall a stunner.

You can buy the Catrice Bouncy Eyeshadow for €3,99 at the store during august and halfway through September. 

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