Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoohter 040 Coffee To Go

Today another review of a new Catrice product, although this one isn't entirely new, it's just a new shade. Last March I wrote a review of the Beautifying Lip Smoother and today I'm going to show you the new shade 040 Coffee To Go. Not an extensive review today, just showing you the colour of this product.

Coffee To Go is a brownish shade that completely fits in the 90s nude trend. Just like the other shade I own, it's a nude shade and you definitely don't need both. There is a colour difference, but not much. The formula is just as nice, and since I use my other shade quite a lot, I think I can justify it. Now I can sort of switch between them and tell myself I'm making an effort in not wearing the same lip product every day. And let's face it, chapped lip season is coming so I need all the lip balm I can get.

You can buy the Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother for €3,59.

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