Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer 09 Sweet Pop

Clinique isn't a brand I was ever drawn to but lately they've been bringing out some really good stuff. I was eyeing the adorable pop blushes but didn't love them enough to spend a fair amount of money on them. Then they brought out the pop lip colour + primer and I was sold. I've only read positive or raving reviews on this lipstick and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. These lipsticks are supposed to combine bold colours with a smoothing primer and there are sixteen shades available.

I went for the shade called '09 Sweet Pop', a light/medium pink with cool undertones. Right in my alley and definitely not a shade that was missing in my stash. The packaging had to grow on me, I didn't think it was pretty and I kind of thought it was a bummer for a high-end lipstick. Now I still don't think it's the prettiest but I do like it, it feels sturdy and it's a nice change of all the black lipsticks out there.

The lipstick is mostly opaque and applies really smooth. It doesn't really sink into the lines of my lips, it wears really comfortable and I love the shade. This type of pink is one of my favourite shades to wear and the formula is definitely a hit in my opinion. The only downside is that it doesn't last very long, luckily it's easy to reapply or when you don't, it fades away evenly.

This is the first Clinique product I've tried and I'm really impressed. I've found myself wearing this lipstick a lot. The shade isn't that special but because the formula is so nice, I choose this one over other lipsticks multiple times. The pop lip colours cost €21,95 which is not the cheapest but definitely worth it. I got mine on a discount for around €16 and I think that's a really nice price for a lipstick like this, I love it and I cannot wait to try out more of the shades.


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