Zara Powdery Magnolia

Today I'm showing you the perfume I've been wearing for the last month and guess what, it's super cheap! The perfume I'm talking about is Powdery Magnolia from Zara. I went to Zara with the intention of buying a small shoulder bag (which I got) but when I walked past the perfumes, I couldn't resist. I sniffed a few perfumes but when I got to this one, I was sold.

I immediately loved the bottle, the oval shape and the minimalistic letters are absolutely gorgeous, it's simplicity makes it beautiful. There are two other floral shades in this line (that doesn't have a name as far as I know) that come in the same bottle but the colour of the liquid is different. Those perfumes are called 'Black Peony' and 'Bright Rose', also really nice but this one was my favourite. Probably because of the magnolia, one of my favourite perfume ingredients.
The other notes are:
Top note: bergamot
Middle notes: magnolia and rose
Base notes: musk and amber
When I read these notes for the review I was surprised, I did not really expect to find heavy notes as musk and amber in there. Just because the scent of this perfume is not heavy at all, it's above all floral. Normally I don't go for floral scents but this one has something special to it, something I really like. I've had multiple complements on it and when I told the people who asked it was from Zara, they just stared at me. Apparently most people don't even know Zara even makes perfumes. If you are one of those people, you have to take a look at them because there is a wide range of scents and they don't cost much at all.

You can buy Powdery Magnolia at Zara stores for €10,95.


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