Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme! Volume Express Leather Black

Lately I've been having problem with starting my posts, it's becoming quit hard to start my posts. That's why I'll just start this post by saying three words. Mascara, Maybelline, Review. Let's go!

This is the Volum' Express Colossal Go Extreme! in the Leather Black version. Don't know why I choose this one to be honest, there was a sale and I couldn't choose so I just grabbed one. When I got home I realized that this was the one I saw a advert off that I just thought was a super big hoax. This is the one with the weird double curved stem. This is supposed to deliver a double shot of mascara. I don't think this is true at all, the mascara clings to the brush and the stem has nothing to do with that. Just a weird unnecessary thing. That doesn't mean the mascara cannot be good however.

The brush is very big and enormous which is something I never really like in a mascara wand. Usually this results in mascara all over my eye and clumpy lashes. I really hope this one is better then that.

The  first time I used this mascara I hated it with all my heart. It did absolutely nothing for my lashes. Luckily it got better once it dried out, now I actually like it. The dried out formula makes my lashes longer and volumizes them quite nicely. I don't really have a negative comment now, maybe that the formula doesn't last as long as I'd want it to. At the end of the day, there isn't much curl left.

I have mixed feelings about this mascara. Once the formula has dried out I like it but the brush is just huge. Maybe that huge brush is what gives your lashes volume but it's a pain in the ass to apply the mascara with it. The result is good but not the mascara won't survive a rainy bicycle ride (maybe the waterproof version is better in that department, if a waterproof one exists). If I put everything together I can say that I'm quite positive. It's probably not a mascara I'd repurchase but I won't mind using it until I finish it. If you're looking for a mascara that volumizes and gives your lashes a little bit more length you can give this a try, I'd say this is a good day time mascara if you don't want too much. For me however this isn't quite enough, I prefer super voluminous long lashes. Still, it's a nice mascara.

Maybelline The Colosssal Go Extreme! Volume Express Leather Black Mascara is available at the drugstore for €15,49.

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