Essence I Love Nude Eyeshadow

Wait what? A new blogpost! I haven't written any blogpost for more then a week but don't worry I'm back. I didn't upload any posts because I had to work a lot and was super busy with my study, I'm still busy but I'm trying to make blog posts again. Another thing I haven't done in a while is buy eyeshadow. That doesn't mean my love for them has died however. I think my favourite makeup product is lipstick but eyeshadow is the thing that will probably come in second place. Eyeshadow can change your whole look just like a lipstick can and still I haven't been wearing much eyeshadows lately. A sad thing since I have quite a lot of eyeshadow. Now I've even added more eyeshadows to my collection, four nude shades this time.

Unfortunately this is one of those products that doesn't look pretty when photographed, the plastic lid reflects in a bad manner and it just looks way prettier when it's open. So move on to a photo that does these beauties justice.

Look at that, much better right? There are six shades available in this 'I Love Nude' line of which I got four. I got '01 Vanilla Sugar',

The lightest shade I got is a highlighter called '01 Vanilla Sugar'. It's a very light matte shade and I hope this will be THE perfect matte inner corner and browbone highlighter for me.

This shade is called '03 Crème Brûlée', it's a little bit darker then the first one but still really light. It's in a light caramel shade and the finish is a little bit metallic. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan.

Then we have '04 Sweet Like Chocolate'. Just like the previous one, this is a caramel shade but this one is a lot darker. This one has a subtle shimmer in it and is the most shiny one out of these four.

The last shade I got is '05 My Favourite Tauping'. This is a semi dark taupe shade that's completely matte. I'm hoping this one will be really pigmented and a beautiful crease shade.

01 Vanilla Sugar - 03 Crème Brûlée - 04 Sweet Like Chocolate - 05 My Favourite Tauping
As you can see, the pigment is really nice on these ones, especially for a budget eyeshadow. The shades are a little bit chalky but the pigment is great. Let's see if this chalky-ish texture gives a lot of fall-out or if these shadows are just really nice.

This is the look I made with the shadows, a very light neutral look(I didn't use '04 Sweet Like Chocolate because that would make it too dark') that I've found myself wearing quite a lot lately. I just use Vanilla Sugar in my inner corner and on my brow bone, Crème Brûlée all over the lid and My Favourite Tauping in my crease. I love this neutral pretty look and especially with a winged eyeliner like this, this is just my perfect everyday look.

I'm impressed with these shadows, a lot of nude drugstore eyeshadows have little pigment or when the swatches look great, the colour doesn't transfer to your eyes at all. With these shadows that's not the case, the neutral shades are just as beautiful on my eyes as they are on my arm. The chalky texture creates a little bit of fall-out but nothing too bad. If your still in need of some good cheap nude shades, go check these out. The colour selection is quite good and for the price you cannot really pass them over.

You can but the Essence I Love Nude Eyeshadows for €2,59 at the drugstore



  1. I love these, I have two shades and I have been using them pretty much every single day since I have gotten them :)

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