Real Techniques Powder, Blush & Setting Brush

Is there anybody out there who doesn't like Real Techniques brushes? Well, I'm belong to the giant group who loves them. A while ago they I could stack discount on discount and I couldn't resist buying three new ones. Today I'm reviewing the powder, blush and setting brush, let's see if these are just as good as the other Real Techniques brushes I already own and love.

These three brushes are part of the first three lines Real Techniques launched. There's a yellow/orange line for a flawless base, a purple line to enhance your eyes and a pink line for the perfect finish.

The first brush I got is a giant powder brush. I got this because the powder brush I own is falling apart, the brush is great but the handle is getting way too loose and I'm sure it will fall off pretty soon. This brush is obviously made to apply powder and it works great for purpose but I've been using this to apply bronzer all over my face as well. It's just really good to quickly bronze up my face.

The second one is this blush brush and this one I do use for what it's meant for, blush. The shape of this kind of pointy brush works great to apply a wash of colour on your cheeks. It makes me love blush even more.

And this is the third and last brush I bought, the setting brush. I got this because of Lilly Pebbles, she uses it to apply her concealer and according to her it works great for that. I think this one's originally meant to apply highlighter but I prefer a fan brush to do that. I do love it for concealer, it works way better then the basic flat concealer brushes that don't blend in concealer very well, this one does. I blends in concealer like a dream and because this brush is really soft, it's also less harsh for your eye area.

I'm so happy I got these brushes, the blush and setting brush have been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm so glad I finally have them. All three of these brushes are incredibly soft and they work great. I bought these brushes on Look Fantastic because for me that's the easiest way to get a hold off them but recently some Dutch drugstore have also added Real Techniques to their assortment.

You can buy the powder brush for $10.00, the blush brush for $9.00 and the setting brush for $8.00.

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