Max Factor Creme Puff Blush 15 Seductive Blush

Time for another blush review. I'm a sucker for blush, pink blush especially. Their is just something about this product that really 'makes' my face. One of the blushes I have an eye on is the Hourglass Ambient Lightning Blush, ever since I saw it for the first time I've been wanting it but I cannot get it here in the Netherlands. Luckily Max Factor brought out four very similar blushes. I heard these were very good dupes for the Hourglass ones but for just a fraction of the price. At first I thought these blushes were cream blushes, I mean they do have the word creme in the name. Which is why I did't really click on the reviews I saw on it online, it wasn't until I saw a video by Amelia Liana in which she was raving about them, that I finally looked up. After that, I couldn't wait to try them.

In the store I took a good look at them and swatched away. I didn't allow myself to buy all four of them because they're quite pricey so I went for the one I'd wear most, Seductive Pink. These blushes are baked which gives them a gorgeous swirly pattern, kind a like a planet, pink in this case.This shade is a combination of different shades of pink with a golden sheen and looks just stunning.

(Sorry for my wonky brow, I didn't brush them through properly)
As you can see, the blush is very subtle. Seductive Pink is a soft pink with a gorgeous golden sheen over it, the perfect spring blush. Because of the sheen this blush helps you to achieve that 'natural glow' everybody is seeking at the moment. The blush is very pigmented but because the texture blends in really well with the skin, it gives a really pretty and natural result, just the way I like it.

I think I've found a good contestant for my favourite blush (this one), it's pink, it's springy and it's just gorgeous. The glow it gives is amazing and I don't think I'll purchase an Hourglass blush anytime soon because this Max Factor one is basically the same.

Here in Holland we have 4 shades, 05 Lovely Pink, 15 Seductive Pink, 25 Alluring Rose and 30 Gorgeous Berries but in for example England there are two more. 10 Nude Mauve and 20 Lavish Mauve. These beauties cost €12,99 and are available at the drugstore.


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  1. That is sooo pretty, too bad we still don't have them in our stores here. :/