Essie Flowerista

Spring has sprung which means that it's time to put away the dark nail polishes and bring out the pastels and brights. I'm a fan of both but at the end of winter I cannot wait to paint my nails in nice springy colours. One of my favourite nail polish brands has brought out a gorgeous spring collection, I'm talking about Essie of course.

This is what Essie has to say about the new collection.
Whether the look is futuristsic minimalism or nouveau bohemian, the name of the game is flower power. The spring 2015 collection is in full bloom, celebrating the fresh perspectives and energetic nature of the spring season. the spring collection marks the first collaboration with designer Rebecca Minkoff joining essie as global color designer.

The collection consists out of 6 gorgeous spring shades, I went for the shade Flowerista. I'm sorry for my horrible cuticles but I work with cardboard boxes so I cannot really do anything about it. Every time I have to work I come back with the driest and ugliest cuticles in the world. Back to the nail polish. Flowerista is a hard to describe shade, it's a plum but with some pink/red mixed in. I love it.

You can buy Essie Flowerista for €9,99 at the drugstore.

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