Current Shower Products

Recently I got some new products to use in the shower and instead of writing separate reviews about each product I've decided to put them all in one post. Today I'm showing you the products
I'm currently using in the shower.

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner €6,50 // L'Oréal Tecni Art Full Volume 4 Mousse // Andrélon Surprising Volume Duo Mist 
These are the products I use in my hair, not much but this is what works for my fine, limp hair. The shampoo and conditioner I'm currently using are banana ones from The Body Shop. I bought these when I went to Antwerpen (read my photo diary here) and they're great. The reason I bought them was the smell, they smell like these banana candies and makes my hair smell really nice, not like the banana scent but really clean and fresh. The other two products I use are a mousse and a volume mist. The mousse is a recent discovery of mine and now I cannot live without it. It's from L'Oréal and I bought it at the hair dresser which is why I haven't provided a link, I cannot find it anywhere online. This really gives my hair a volume boost which is something my limp hair really needs, this is the first mousse that really does something. The other product is a mist by Andrélon that pumps my hair up a little bit more but I don't feel this works when I don't use the mousse. The mousse on itself works great but the combination of these products is my favourite.

And these are the products I use on my body. I have three shower gels I really like at the moment. The first one is by The Body Shop and is the one product in this post I wrote a review about (read it here) and I dare to say that this is my favourite shower gel. The scent is amazing and the actual product is amazing as well.The second shower gels is one I've been really liking lately as well. This is by Therme and it smells like chocolate and coconut. I like using it now but I think this will even been better in summer because of the summery scent. The only thing I don't like about this the colour of the product, it has a greenish brown colour and it looks like I'm washing myself with poop if you know what I mean. The last shower gel is by Palmolive and this is more of a scrub than a shower gel. I'm not in love with this because I don't really like the scent but I do like that it's a nice and soft scrub. It gets rid of dead skin but it's not harsh at all, really nice for dry skin. The last product of today's post is a body lotion. I've had this Dove Beauty Blossom lotion before and I really liked it so I picked it up again. Normally I always go for body butters but this is really nice, just a body lotion with a nice scent that works great.

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