Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

A while ago I wrote a review about the L'Oréal Match Perfection (read it here) that everybody seems to be loving and even though I like it, it's not for me at the moment. It really accentuates dry patches and my skin is currently too dry to wear it. That's why I decided to pick up another foundation I heard a lot about. I went for the Healthy Mix foundation. I mean, something that promises hydrated and luminous skin must be great for my dry face, right?

So this review is about a Bourjois foundation. I've never tried a foundation from this brand because I always think they're quite expensive. This time I had a coupon code which made it a lot cheaper and I could justify it in my mind (not that I really needed a new foundation...). The packaging of foundation is quite important in my opinion, you want something that's easy to use and hygienic at the same time. That's why I almost always go for a foundation with a pump, that's just the easiest way. I got the lightest shade available in the store where I went to buy mine but when I was looking at reviews of it online, I saw there a lighter shade available as well (probably not in the Netherlands because they never stock the lightest shade here). I got the shade 52-Vanilla and I really hope this is light enough for me.

Products I'm wearing:
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NYX HD Photogenic Concealer: Porcelain (review)
MUA Eyeshadow Palette: Undressed (review)
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara (review)
Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder: 010 translucent (review)
Catrice Viennart Blush: Floral OrnARTment (review)
Maybelline Terre Indienne Bronzer: 09 Golden Tropics (review)
Sleek Face From Contouring and blush pallet: Fair, I used the highlighter(review)
Essence Lipliner: 15 Honey Berry
MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Flat Out Fabulous (review)

On the first photo I only filled in my brows, I'm not wearing any other makeup then that. As you can see I have quite good skin, around this time of the year it can be a little bit dry but for the rest of the year it's just normal. I don't really get pimples and I don't have overly sensitive skin. On the second photo you can see me after I applied the foundation, I'm sorry for that the lightning is really different but the sun wouldn't work with me the day I took the photos. As you can see the foundation is too dark for me but that wasn't really a surprise for me. Even though it's too dark, I can still make it work because it's only one shade. If I mix some in with moisturizer and apply it on my neck to balance it out, it works fine. On the last photo you see with me with all my makeup on. I'm not a person that wears foundation every single day but for the sake of this review I've been wearing this foundation for almost two weeks solid. With a lot of foundations my skin would look less good after going days without giving my skin time to 'breathe', but as you can see on the first photo, I have no blemishes at all and my skin looks pretty great if I can say so. I feel that, even though this foundation has great coverage, it's really light weight and not too damaging too. Apart from the fact that it's too dark, I love this foundation a lot!

I like this, it was definitely a great purchase. The foundation applies super easy and it blends into the skin really well. The result is flawless and I think for me,  this will be a great foundation during the summer when I have a little bit of a tan. On the photos I applied the foundation with my hands but it also works great with a brush (like this one). Just a great foundation that's I'll definitely be wearing even though it's too dark, I love it.

You can purchase this foundation for €14,99.


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