Update: No Buy March Challenge

At the beginning of this month I set myself a challenge, I wouldn't buy anything until April (read my post about it here). In the post I did about this challenge I also said I would update you on how it went so that's what I'm doing today.

I have to say that I'm quite proud of myself. The challenge was not buying anything at all and I kind of did that. The only things I bought this month were food, a razor and a skirt (ordered it last Friday but it hasn't come in yet so it doesn't count in my opinion). I think food is justified because I have to travel to Amsterdam every single day. On days where I forget to bring lunch or have to wait a long time for the train or bus, I think I'm allowed to buy something to eat (I do want to buy less food this month).

Like I said, I'm happy that I sort of kept up with it and I really want to keep up the 'buying less' rhythm I'm in right now. I'm not going to restrain myself but I'm trying to stop buying stuff I don't need. I'm going to Primark soon and there I'm going to buy stuff I don't need (obviously) but for the rest of the month, I'm going to try to spend less. Wish me luck!


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