Spring Nail Polishes

It's May and that means it's spring, finally! I don't know why but I really wanted that spring came earlier, winter just seemed to last way too long. Now it's May and that usually means the weather here in the Netherlands starts to get warmer and the temperature will be rising, I cannot wait! Another thing I like about spring are the colours, don't get me wrong, I love dark colours but around this time of the year I cannot wait to get out my bright tops, lipsticks and of course, nail polishes. That's why I'm going to show you my favourite spring nail polishes today. Enjoy!

Catrice - 56 Minter Wonderland (NOTD)

Sally Hansen - 406 Purple Heart (NOTD)

OPI - You're Such A Budapest (NOTD)

Essie - Cascade Cool

Bourjois - 15 Peace and Mauve

Essie - Bikini So Teeny

NYC - 269 Hudson Breeze (NOTD)

Essie - Take It Outside (NOTD)

Barry M - A Bikini (NOTD)

I didn't include photos of the nail polish on my nails because that would be way too much work but I did include links to reviews and NOTD posts if I wrote them. As you can see my nail polishes during the spring are mainly light and pastel (with the occasional bright one) and that's because I cannot wear those colours when it comes to clothes. Pastel shades wear me out but since they are super cute I still want to wear them and my nails are the solution for that issue. Some of these shades are probably not available anymore but I hope I gave you some spring inspiration and that you liked this post.



  1. Shame that the OPI doesn't have a very good formula, especially given the prices you guys put up with in Europe! It's been a longtime lemming of mine, but it's become quite HTF so I'll probably try to get a similar colour from another brand.
    Also, if you're still looking for a dupe for Essie's Bikini So Teeny, Sally Hansen has recently come out with a colour called Babe Blue in the Xtreme Wear line that's essentially identical. I don't know how hard it is to get your hands on it in Europe, though.
    I love the set-up of your pictures!

    1. That's for the tip! Sally Hansen is available here in the Netherlands (in a few places) but as far as I know only the complete salon line. I'll definitely look around to see if I can find that dupe though because I'm still looking indeed;).